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To celebrate my first anniversary of blogging and to kick off the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway at You know, one of those things bloggers do wherein you leave a comment and are automatically entered into a groovy contest. I know it’s not Oprah’s Favorite Things Giveaway… but we have to start somewhere!

With your newfound winnings you could purchase:

Holiday Cards,

Lavender Sachets,

Monogrammed Stationery,

Hostess Gifts,

A Print for your Powder Room,

a Pillow of your pooch,

or beautiful Handcrafted Soaps!

Rules for Giveaway

A winner will be chosen on Tuesday Nov. 16th using

The contest is open to everyone.

Leave one comment per person on this post telling me what you would think would be fun to see in topiary!

How easy is that?! Maybe it’s your dog, your mother or your favorite pair of shoes!

Get that imagination growing and leave me a comment! Feel free to get the word out- share, tweet, link and repost!

Maybe some skaneateles icons?? The gazebo? A sailboat? I’m always looking for nice gifts to give to friends and family that have moved away from the area -that represent “home”.

I’d love to see a unicorn in topiary!


Love your snowman! Anything holiday inspired. Or maybe a Giraffe?

I would like to see a topiary snowflake, with snow on it!

Great promotion!

Hi Michelle,I am an OLD time friend of Joel’s family and have been delighted to see the pictures of your family and your creative work! I would love to see a baby in a bassinet in topiary or the baby in the tree top kind of thing.

How wonderful to have found you! Your art is fun, fun, fun! Well, I got a thing for Boston Terriers, so that would be my pick. But a topiary bedroom in a garden would be sweet!

how about a goat…..I am currently obessed with The Fabulous Beekman Boys on the Planet Green Channel and all their goats.

Michelle, how about a man in the moon, or a crescent moon and star?

Michelle, you know that my mind goes automatically to two places when I think of your gorgeous topiary: My Grand Bleu de Gascogne puppy and of course, anything African… maybe even just the shape of the continent or a couple of Zulu or Masai warriors? *smile* 😉

Loving your blog by the way! Happy anniversary!

HI MIms,
I’d love to see a pink flamingo topiary…..I’ve always loved that kitchey little icon.
I LOVE your new monogram topiary pillow, BTW.

How about a bride and groom with their wedding date. That would be too cute!

I love topiaries; did you ever see the movie Edward Scissorhands? He was great at making topiaries…I would like to see my cat Chloe as a topiary.

Would love to see a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in topiary!

I would adore a leaping rabbit in topiary!! Congratulations on your anniversary!

Come enter my new giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

Art by Karena

Beautiful website. I would love to see a gecko in topiary!

Thanks for all the beautiful work!

How about some cool Jimmy Choos! A particular design if possible?

Hi Michelle,
I am thinking of teacher’s gift or gifts for my staff at the hopsital (nursing & other health professions)that you could make in to topiaries. I know I am being practical – but you did ask! Have a nice thanksgiving- love you guys! Rita

I would love to see Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on top of a topiary for Christmas!

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