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Lately the days are full.  Too full of work, abundance, tediousness, and the beauty of everyday life. The to-do desires that are left till the end of the day overflow into the next and so it goes. So please pardon my absence and try to keep up with the barrage of posts that are about to come. : ) That seems to be how I work best.

My seventh year at the Flower Show was wonderful, renewing and affirming. It was great fun to see our friends in Kennett Square, PA. Our family of 4  bombards their family of 8 for a couple of nights as I set up for the show. A needed time for our families to reconnect. Once the show is in full swing I head into Philly to the Hilton Garden Inn (love that place), Junebug (my mom) flies in to help and Farmboy and the kiddos head for home- back to school, work and the animals.

Junebug is my right hand during the show. She is on top of it all. Isn’t she beautiful? If I had a nickel for everytime during the week that I hear “you two must be sisters”… I’d be rich.  We discuss what books we are bringing to read a month in advance. (I was reading Sacred Hearts and Ellen Foster. Momma was reading One Thousand White Women.) Sitting in the hotel after the show with a book and a glass of wine is quite a luxury for me. Throughout the week we take turns checking out the displays and discussing what we think would work in our own gardens.

My new booth space was great. I’m amazed at the number of people that came in and asked if it was my first year- that they had never seen my work before! How can that be after 7 years? There is just so much to see.

I saw many familiar faces and had the opportunity to catch up on friends from the previous year. The new show layout was a challenge. I am used to having a corner and (ahem) spreading, just a bit. It was wonderful getting to know my new neighbors! Let me introduce you: Toni and Dave from Beekman’s C.O.P.A. Soaps. A great story/business- wish I had had more time to get to know them. I’m enjoying my cold press natural soap called Forest- lots of rosemary. I love it.

On my other side was Trenny and Bob of High Beams in Vermont. Love their work. I’ve admired it for years.  Trenny and I got to discuss vegetable gardening. It was fun to tell her about winter sowing. I started some containers the week I got back!

Other friends with great businesses that I look forward to seeing every year are: Colby from Colby Smith Doorknockers, Mary from La Contessa Jewerly and Carrie from pucciManuli.

My readers know how I love ceramics and Liz Kinder of Liz Kinder Ceramic’s work was gorgeous! One of her large lovely bowls was my “take home” piece this year. Drool. Drool.

Jerry Fritz from Linden Hill Gardens signed his book for me. His booth was full of beautiful terrariums, hellebores and numerous perennials. Gotta plant some hellebores soon.

Sandstone Gardens from MO. never fails to disappoint. I’ve purchased 2 fountains from them over the years as well as other smaller pieces. We’ve had to limit Junebug’s statuary purchases due to Farmboy’s back and space in the trailer! I wish that they would ship.

The last couple of years I’ve purchased fresh flowers from Kremp Florist. A family owned florist outside of Philadelphia in Bucks Co. They have numerous booths throughout the Flower Show. This year they added videos showing tips for refreshing your cut flowers. I learned so much!  The roses I purchased lasted for weeks. All of the family received a dozen for helping with the kiddos while I was away. : )

Oh my goodness… what a treat it was to meet Ellen Parlipiano from We have been communicating online since I was pregnant with Ryder formally known as “the bean” (ten years ago)! I screamed and hugged her when I saw her. She was delightful and we have a date for the NYBG soon I hope.

Once again I was captivated by terrariums and miniature gardens, not to mention I have committed myself to a hypertufa day here at the farm. I’m a little behind the curve on that one but better late than never, right? Twig Terrariums from Brooklyn had a lovely booth with very charming pieces for sale. Check them out- great, creative work.

So, terrariums are on the schedule with the kids for Spring Break. I’ve found a nice supply of moss down by the woods, collected lots of rocks and purchased some inexpensive apothcrathy jars for the kids to use. I’ll post our projects!!

The theme of the show was Hawaii and although I’ve never been, I do hope to go one day! It was a bit hard for me to relate to so many tropicals in regards to my own garden. That being said I did buy three huge Caladium bulbs to put in pots on my deck when I got home. All of the foliage was beautiful and lush.

Shown below are some photos from the show. Come along for a little tour, won’t you?

Next year put it on your calender! The theme is Brilliant! All about Great Britain… can’t wait. Perennials, formal gardens, Cottage Gardens… count me in!!!!



Hi, I’m Michelle. I am an artist/designer specializing in unique topiary themed art for the Home & Gardener. I live on a farm in Upstate New York with my husband, two children and a small petting zoo of other family members. #shapeyoursweetestlife



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