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Hope this little guy didn’t scare you with his topiary!

Overwintering Rosemary Topiaries

Rosemary Topiary

After selling topiaries at my shows for a number of years I’ve learned something… people are nervous about purchasing Rosemary plants for indoor use. And I’ve also learned… there is no reason to be! With a south facing exposure and a little attention you can have fresh rosemary on your windowsill all year long even in colder growing zones. I kid you not. It’s -12 wind chill here today. Eegads.

Shown above is one of a pair of rosemary standards that I brought home after the Devon Horse Show in May of 2013. The pair spent the summer planted in the potager providing garden structure as well as culinary deliciousness. This photo was taken soon after they were dug and potted up to bring indoors for the winter. I would recommend polyfoam or ceramic containers… terra cotta drys out much too quickly in a heated environment.

I LOVE the shape of these filled-out standards! They are gorgeous on either side of the fireplace. Generally they are kept in a south facing window with lots of natural light.

So, after some trial and error and a little “dried” rosemary over the years- here is my secret to overwintering Rosemary topiary.

  • Wait.
  • Soak with warm water.
  • Soak again.
  • Drain thoroughly.
  • Full sun.



I know, right!? Wait to water them until their new growth starts to show signs of wilting. They are a Mediterranean herb and the soil will need to dry out but they WILL give you a sign of when to water. When you perceive the new growth start to droop take them and soak them with WARM water. They need to be watered deeply, twice, drained and then given full sun.

I will admit- Rosemary is not terribly forgiving and you DO have to pay attention to them. But it is so worth it. The only time that I have ever killed (gasp!) a plant (I think) was when I put it in a place that I was not constantly buzzing in and out of. They all tell you when they are ready to be watered.

RIP my sweet bonzi ficus- though you looked so Zen by the bath tub I could not support your daily watering needs. If only you could have fit on the window sill in the kitchen- because we all know those dishes are a never-ending daily nirvana.


Do you have a south facing window in a place that you frequent? A perfect place for a Rosemary topiary! Looking for a yummy recipe to put those trimmings to use? Look no further! Tuscan Herb Seasoning one of my FAVORITE ways to use fresh Rosemary- perfect for meats and soups.

Do you have a favorite recipe that includes fresh Rosemary? Please share!


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Design

Doesn’t every Cavalier King Charles need their own royal topiary throne in the garden complete with David Austin English Roses and Burberry Pillow? I think so! This design will soon be available in notecards, linen guest towels, prints and pillows online at Until then… give us a call toll free at 888.313.0239 to order.

New Thank-You Designs for Cards

Whimsical or traditional…

I’ve got you covered! These designs are now available as boxed Thank You cards online at Click here for more info.

Something Special!

My sweet friend Mary Carlic of The Wren’s Den is opening a retail store… tomorrow… right here in Central New York! The store has a lovely eclectic mix of goodies with lots of beautiful topiaries!!! Just in time for Mother’s Day… just sayin!

“It won’t be a gift shop, really, nor an art gallery, either. It’s just something different. And it will be different every time you visit.

The Wren’s Den annual spring open house is actually a Grand Opening this year. If you are in the area you must stop in Sat. April 28th, 11 – 6pm! Mary’s shop is in the retail store located at Hillside Gardens- 2756 West Seneca Turnpike. I’m so happy to have my cards, sachets and prints available there!

Enjoy a sneak peak!!

A Sneak Peak…

Finished pots and saucers! Yay! I can just imagine them planted with petite topiaries. Here are a few close ups- hand thrown and deliciously imperfect. Each stoneware pot is stamped with a swirly seal and encouragement to d r e a m. A cream glaze around the rim sets off each pot.

There are only 8 available for the Flower Show… assuming that the others come out of the kiln in one piece! Let me know if you want me to hold one for you. I’m thinking they will cost between $48 and $55 depending on the plant. Matching saucer included. : )

Oh, if there were only more hours in the day…


2nd Annual Summer Stationery Sale!

Click HERE to see all of the available products and be sure to order through the Stationery Department to receive the discount! There are many pages of notecards designs available. Click through them at the top right hand corner of the page!

Don’t see the design that you are looking for? Order something else and in the Special Instructions box tell us which design you would like it replaced with. We will verify the change and get it right out to you. New images will be uploaded throughout the day.

New Scottie Holiday Design!

I think I have gotten Scottish Terriers out of my system… at least for a little while. They are so darling. This is my little Santa’s Helper- anxious to get going. The Greeting Cards will read on the inside: May all your holiday wishes come true.

Santa’s Helper will be available online in October on Linen Guest Towels and Holiday Cards.


New Scottie Artwork

Hope you like the new Scottie in the Garden design! I “may” have gone overboard with all the pattern and Scottish references and let me just say that painting Tartan plaid has its challenges! There are four graphic references to Scottish culture… can you name them? A free set of cards to the first person who does!

I love the compact shape of these little dogs and all of the sharp angles in their profile. While playing around with the design above and after posting the Wordless Wednesday post of Oliver yesterday titled Play Ball? I came up with this little design below. Simple, silly and sweet- its just the way I roll. ; )

For ordering information click Here and select a design!            

Greetings from the Doghouse… and the sickbed

I am writing today from the doghouse… because I am SO late in sending out orders taken during the Flower Show. I am SO sorry! I hate being behind. Little did I know that I would be staying home with sick children the week I got home… and then come down with the flu the next week. I promise that I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth nor have I forgotten about any orders!

Remaining orders will be shipping this week! Yay. The kids are back in school and I am finally out of bed and rearing to go. : )

While contemplating the benefits of lying perfectly still as to not feel any muscle/joint aches last week I came up with the sweetest little rabbit “get well soon” design. I can’t wait to paint it and it truly did make me feel better as I began to work out the little details in my head. Look for her in a couple of weeks!

As for this winter…. I have officially had it. I’m ready for warmer temps, daffodils, tulips, kids in shorts, tired dogs, horses with no blankets and open windows with Spring’s healing breezes trickling through.



Hi, I’m Michelle. I am an artist/designer specializing in unique topiary themed art for the Home & Gardener. I live on a farm in Upstate New York with my husband, two children and a small petting zoo of other family members. #shapeyoursweetestlife



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