Fabulous Find Friday

Have you ever been driving at break neck speed and seen a glimpse of something that you immediately know has a purpose in your life, your business, your something? Let me set the stage… 3 nine year old boys in the backseat of the car after a birthday party. One mentions that he is feeling like he is going to throw up… yep. You know that feeling, right? The one that says… “Nooo, please don’t hurl in the car!” Oh shoot, and me without a proper hurl receptacle.*  After a quick stop beside the road, I was a bit anxious to get him home but I promise I was not REALLY traveling at break neck speed… just don’t throw up in the backseat speed.

Zoom. What was that? What was that funky little cart thingy I saw out the corner of my eye as we passed. Hmmm. I’ll have to remember that.

Fast forward a week later as LaLa and I are coming home from the grocery store. “LaLa do you feel like going on an adventure?”  “Sure!” She is always game. I saw something the other day, I can’t remember where… let’s go see if we can find it. “Great!” she says.

So we retrace our tracks and I had almost given up. It’s not there.  LaLa the optimist encourages me that we will find it. I come up with number in my head of what I could offer if it is still there. Last turn back to the village and there it is. Fab.

The owner and I strike up a deal and I am now the proud owner of this funky soon to be flower/display cart. A fabulous find, I must say.

Isn’t it cute? Of course, I’m thinking “French flower cart” to display my wares at the Philly Flower Show 2011 since the theme is Springtime in Paris.

Some toile fabric for the shelves…

I still have some work to do but it’s coming nicely. Can you picture the top stacked with pots and rosemary, myrtle, and angel vine topiaries? Maybe some handcrafted soaps on the bottom shelf, sachets or wine bags in the middle with linen towels hanging on the bar? What fun! Have you had any fabulous finds lately? Do tell!

*If you are ever in a pinch with car sick child and no appropriate receptacle… grab the nearest umbrella and open it slightly. It makes a large sized bowl. Don’t ask me how I know… I just do. : ) Have a fabulous friday!



Hi, I’m Michelle. I am an artist/designer specializing in unique topiary themed art for the Home & Gardener. I live on a farm in Upstate New York with my husband, two children and a small petting zoo of other family members. #shapeyoursweetestlife



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